It’s almost time for Refund Checks

Chance Shelton

As the semester picks up and is in full swing, students can look forward to a sense of relief with their financial aid and scholarships being applied to their accounts very soon. Students can also look forward to them receiving possible refund checks coming soon.

According to the Financial Office advisor Ivy Terwilliger, “students are suppose to receive their refund checks after their financial aid is applied by Saturday, and no later than Sunday.”

However, the only way for a student to receive their refund by the end of the week is to have their refund (direct deposit) established and set up. This can be done and verified on your MyGeorgiaSouthern, Wings account where student invoices can be checked.

If a student does not have their refund set up, they will still be able to receive the refund check on paper form by Wednesday of next week. For some this could be a possible time issue, but students are still able to go on and sign up for the refund to have their check deposited directly into their account.