Praying for Paris

Johnny Lu

The Wesley Foundation at Georgia Southern University traveled around campus today with a prayer board made to show support for those affected by the many tragic occurrences that has happened recently.

“The purpose of the board is to spread love and pray for those who are going through any form of struggle or hard time,” Wesley Foundation leader and junior multimedia film production major, Joey Simon said, “The recent Paris attack was the final eye opener in the influence of creating this prayer board.”

As a ministry focusing on campus life and living, the Wesley Foundation uses their mission of helping students connect with Christ, the campus community and the church community to pray both for and with those affected by violence.

“This is the first time we’ve made a board like this for students to sign,” Wesley Foundation leader and senior marketing major, Geoffrey Harrison said.

This Wednesday evening’s worship service, in the Wesley Chapel, will hold a special time of prayer for the people of Paris and the world. Worship services are Wednesday nights at 8 pm at 103 Herty Drive. This will be the Wesley Foundation’s last regularly scheduled worship service of the semester.