Sub-leasing in college

Johnny Lu

From studying abroad or accepting a job opportunity in another state to simply getting tired of your residence and wanting to live somewhere new, sub-leasing is an alternative and circumstantial concept for tenants to get out of their lease, technically.

Sub-leasing, also called subletting, offers an original owner of a lease the ability to rent out their residence to a third party.

Georgia Southern University students are no strangers to the subject of sub-leasing as it can be quite popular among a college environment. In a college instance, students can sub-lease their apartment to a friend or fellow student in a case that requires you relocate before their lease is up, letting the sub-tenant take over the lease financially.

While leasing has been known to have its pros and cons, many off-campus housing complexes around GSU such as Copper Beech see sub-leasing as an opportunity for students to seek even more opportunities that could benefit their academic future.

“One of the most popular reasons our student tenants may want to sub-lease their apartment is because they’ve been accepted to another university,” Copper Beech Town homes Sales Manager Connie Smallegan said.

When it comes to talking about job and internship opportunities in college, finance can be a stressful factor.

“Money can be tight especially for many hardworking college students,” Grove Apartments Sales Associate Lisa Robin said. “Sub-leasing can help students struggling with their budget by having a third-party tenant take over their rent as well as take away some of their stress.”

The need to sub-lease doesn’t automatically mean a tenant regrets their decision of signing a lease nor does it mean the tenant doesn’t like the residence anymore. Sometimes leaving one home for a new home just means more opportunities, especially in college.