8 Memory boosters to try

Kristyn Hughes

With midterms in the air and finals right around the corner, college students need their memories to be top notch. Dr. Roshini Raj, the contributing medical editor for Health magazine, came up with 8 ways to help boost your memory and help prepare you for test day

1) Seafood

Salmon is rich in an omega-3 called DHA. It improves cognition and memory.

2) Eat your greens!

-According to Raj, consuming spinach, kale or any green vegetable should be helpful in improving cognition and memory as well.

3) Choose your fats wisely

Anything heart healthy is good for the brain! A handful of nuts could do the trick. Olive oil can also help because of a compound called oleocanthal. It helps reduce the buildup of amyloid proteins that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

4) Classical music seems to work

Listening to classical music or music that is familiar to you can help with memory boosting.

5) Laugh!

Dr. Raj suggests that you spend 20 minutes doing something that makes you laugh.

6) Relax

People who meditate were found to have positive brain changes including changes in memory. Take 7 seconds to breath in, 7 to hold and 7 to release.

7) Stop Panicking

Certain parts of our memory can improve with age. Crystallized intelligence, bringing together experiences with knowledge and skills can begin as late as your 60’s.

8) Have mini spelling tests

– If you’re having trouble remembering a name, Dr. Raj suggests spelling it in your head three times.

Source: http://www.today.com/health/8-surprising-memory-boosters-dont-forget-try-them-t47461