Haunted Forest at the Clubhouse

Johnny Lu

It’s that time of the year again as Georgia Southern University and the Haunted Forest at the Clubhouse are getting ready for their annual event. Familiar faces like Koko the Clown and Annabelle Demon Dollface await to greet the regulars as well as newcomers to the spooky Statesboro phenomenon.

The Haunted Forest at the Clubhouse will open October 23-24 and October 27-31. Admission is $5 per entry as the proceeds will go towards the benefit of the Bulloch County Boys & Girls Club.

Formerly located on campus at locations such as the trail on Malecki Drive, the Haunted Forest has been a GSU tradition dating back to the 1980s. In celebration of the October-wide holiday, the Georgia Southern community puts together a walk-through attraction of Halloween props and decorations for the Statesboro community to enjoy. Guests can expect to encounter a variety of classic Halloween characters such as cannibals, clowns, ghouls and zombies.


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