Where are they now: Yik Yak Edition

Johnny Lu

Before now, sophomore economics major David Johnson was known to most Georgia Southern University students as the Unicycle Guy.

Over the last year or so, students have started to notice the absence of the one-wheeled enthusiast and are wondering where he is now. With GSU having such a homely feel where it seems like everybody knows one each other without knowing each other, it can be quite the challenge to forget a notable face or character on campus, especially one on a unicycle. 

Unicycling isn’t necessarily an odd sport, just a rare one. Johnson said that his unicycle was a gift from his parents.

“My parents gave me a unicycle for my 10th birthday. They’d asked what I wanted and there wasn’t anything else besides that,” Johnson said. “My bicycle had also been stolen on campus prior to that so since I knew how to ride it, it was faster than walking to class.”

Johnson relieves fellow Eagles of his absence by assuring that he is still a student here at GSU.

“I still my have my unicycle and I can still ride it,” Johnson said. “I just live off campus now and it’s more convenient to drive to school than to commute on a unicycle.” 

Johnson is currently a pledge for the Phi Kappa Theta Greek fraternity, home to fellow brethren such as John F. Kennedy and Ed McMahon. When Johnson isn’t on his unicycle, he’s busy taking names in golf, rifling and racquetball.