Register County potentially becoming apart of Bulloch County again

Johnny Lu

First incorporated as a town in Bulloch County in 1970, the county of Register has found itself facing the possibility of becoming part of Bulloch County once again.

Casually, the city has reached a financial debt that may result in Bulloch County repossessing ownership. Neighboring townspeople and officials fill the air with questions of where the finance is going.

With the town population at only 175 according to the 2010 census, it is understandable why only two police officers are needed for patrol.

With only two law enforcement officers on duty in the surrounding area every day, questions are brought up of what costs alongside the payroll of city and law enforcement officials could have put Register approximately $90,000 in debt. The Register Clerk of Courts did not comment on the city’s budget dilemma.

Bulloch County is a “dry (liquor-free)” county, causing the majority of incidents normally reported in Register to involve college students passing by from neighboring cities while on the way to purchase alcohol at the County Line Package store.

In addition to the County Line Package store, a gas station and a recycling center sit right down the road from one another as passersby stop to run errands. Bred Wyatt, the manager at the Pine Inn Recycling facility, said that the median household income in Register mostly comes from employment found outside of the city.

It is expected that Register becoming part of Bulloch County will happen within the next year.