How to be prepared for natural disasters

Kristyn Hughes

Emergency evacuation kits seem like lot of work or something your paranoid mother gives you before you leave home but you will thank yourself for having one in the long run. It is important and actually less stressful to be prepared for evacuation before a natural disaster.

An evacuation kit will save time when trying to evacuate your area. In order to make an effective evacuation kit, according to Yahoo!, these are the necessities:

1. Nonperishable food & water

3. Flashlights & clothing

4. Cash (Carry small bills; if the power is out, ATM’s won’t be accessible)

5. Copies of your driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, marriage license and all insurance policies

6. Savings and checking account numbers

7. First Aid kit

8. If you have medication, keep at least a seven day supply and keep track of when you should switch it out – medicine does have an expiration date. Also, keep copies of your prescriptions at either a national pharmacy or with relatives.

9. Contact information for employers, family members, and doctors, as well as wills and power of attorney documents.

10. A map of your area

A water resistant duffle bag with padded straps is recommended. You should also put important documents in water proof containers or bags to keep them from being ruined.

Follow this list and always be prepared for disasters.