Eagle Eye: Practice your aim at SSEC

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Christopher Carter and Caitlyn Oliver

The newest addition to our campus here at Georgia Southern is a Shooting Sports Education Center (SSEC). It is a facility meant for education and practice with firearms and bows, as well as recreational target shooting.

The facility was constructed over the summer and is brand new. Housed inside is a firing range separated into bays, an archery range, and classrooms for safety lessons. There will also eventually be an outdoor archery field.

Students and the general public will be able to come in and rent various firearms, buy ammunition, or bring in their own weapons, ammunition and bows. Students living on campus will be able to store their firearms and bows at the Shooting Sports Education Center in lockers. Semester passes for user fees will be available to students and annual passes will be available to the general public.

The Women’s Rifle team has been using the gun range while clubs and intramurals associated with archery will be using the other side of the facility. Shooting and archery clubs unaffiliated with Georgia Southern will also be allowed to use the facility.

Safety and proper procedure are of the utmost importance at the Shooting Sports Education Center. In order to use the facility, you must first fill out an application and pass a background check. Then there is a 15 minute video and a 15 question test on what you watched. You must get 13 questions correct to pass the test. Then there is a practical test to show that you are proficient with which ever weapon you are applying for, bow or firearm.

There will also be a safety officer on duty constantly in the ranges in case of any problems. The gun range maintains a pressurized system and filters to prevent high levels of lead. The application process and other contingencies assures that everything will be safe and legal.

Open house for the SSEC started on September 1st and will go to September 8th. The SSEC will officially be open September 14.