Georgia Southern Students React to To Overturning of Tom Brady Suspenion

Gabe Thomas

Tom Brady’s suspension was lifted by Federal Judge

A federal judge overturned the NFL’s four game suspension of New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady on Thursday.

According to ESPN, U.S. Judge Richard M. Berman overturned the suspension given by the NFL due to lack of evidence against Brady as well as Brady being unaware of the punishment he could receive for awareness of the deflation and not cooperating with the investigation.

There were mixed feelings on Georgia Southern’s campus today of whether or not the suspension should have been lifted. Some felt the suspension should not have been lifted while other believed Brady had not done anything wrong.

Michael Shaw, junior journalism major, was among those who thought the suspension should have been lifted.

“[The NFL] couldn’t prove anything wrong,” Shaw said. “In a court of law you have to be able prove somebody guilty. Other than that you’re innocent.”

Lemuel Williams, a junior business major, believes the suspension should not have been lifted.

“You’re accused of doing something that major and you’re one of the top teams year in and year out, it shouldn’t even be an idea in people’s head that you’re doing stuff like that,” said Williams.

Another concern of Williams is that Brady just got off for cheating and will be able to make it right back to the Super Bowl this year.

While there is a chance the NFL could appeal the decision, for now Tom Brady is cleared to play in the NFL opener next Thursday.