Gas Buddy

Kristyn Hughes

As a college student, hanging on to the little amount of money we have is one of our main goals besides making it to class on time. Gas Buddy is a website that allows you to see which gas stations have the lowest gas prices in your area.

Gas Buddy is also accessible through a free app available for iOs, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry.

The only thing you have to do is type in your city or your zip code. The site then brings up the locations, their prices and the times the prices were listed. A map also appears with the locations on it to show how close the gas stations are.

Gas Buddy also allows you to do your fellow drivers a favor and post any gas prices that you see in your area. The app has many different features to keep people interested, such as entering to win free gas.

The site has a leader board that keeps track of how many prices you posts and allows you to complete daily challenges for points to enter different drawings.