Skin Deep

Johnny Lu

Tattoos have been around for a millennium. From sacred and tribal symbols to artistic and creative expression, the reasons in which someone may get a tattoo are endless. 

While there is nothing wrong with having an original, individualistic, but not to be mistaken as rebellious, state of mind for personal choices and happiness. Tattoos are a permanent type of body modification and the concept of tattooing will never be fully agreed on by the entire population. 

“A person is defined by the way they carry themselves virtuously, not by the color of their skin, clothes or aesthetic decoration,” Vic Ashbey, senior writing major, said.

Tattoos have commonly been frowned upon by older generations, from parents scolding their children for coming home with a fire-breathing dragon permanently embedded in their arm to managers turning down a job applicant because of a couple of visible tattoos, tattoos have and will always bring debate and discussion among the community.

“As a member of the ‘older generation’ and a parent, I see absolutely no problem with employees with visible tattoos in professional settings. Who’s to say tattoos and piercings aren’t professional?” Janice Wright, maintenance staff, said.

Here in the southeast and Georgia Southern community, tattoos are one hot commodity, especially with the current generation.

“It’s impossible to leave the house nowadays and not run into someone with a tattoo. I myself have three so far and plan on getting many more,” Kate Cooke, freshman studio art major, said.

Jacoba Decody, a Savannah tattoo artist, says that even though not everybody will be on the same page about tattoos, it doesn’t mean that people with tattoos are on a different page.

“With tattoos having gone through such a renaissance of popularity over time, its transition from taboo to mainstream has made it to where the general population has started to adapt to tattooed populations rather than tattooed populations adapting to fit the general population’s standards,” Decody said. “It’s all about responsibility. It’s up to each individual to know the appropriate time and place to display their tattoos, such as in the workplace. Other than that, tattoos are an art, a passion, and a love.” 

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