Uber Cool

Kristyn Hughes

No car? No problem! Uber has finally reached Statesboro. No more walking or borrowing your friend’s car because now you can call a ride with the tap of a button. 

Uber is a cashless system that makes it easy to travel around the area. The only thing needed is a smartphone, an email address and a credit card. 

Uber drivers are local people who give their time to driving people around the area. It’s a seemingly safer way to travel than by a regular taxi service. The app allows you to see a map of Uber drivers in your area and choose the car you want to pick you up. Uber then sends you a picture of the driver, their license plate and a picture of the car. Your fare is estimated when you choose your destination so you can see how much the ride could possibly cost. The credit card you put on file isn’t charged until the ride is completed.

It is very easy to sign up to be an Uber driver but they go through an extensive process. Multiple background checks occur as well as a license and insurance check. Driver’s are allowed to choose when they go active on the app so people know who they can choose from to pick them up at a specific time. As long as your car is 10 years old or younger you’re good to go. 

For more information on becoming an Uber driver visit: www.uber.com

Link: http://www.statesboroherald.com/section/1/article/70065/