Life Hacks

Caitlyn Oliver

1. Cool a drink faster. Ever felt the struggle of going grocery shopping, getting a pack of soda, and wanting one as soon as you get home but they aren’t cold? Wrap a wet paper towel around your can and stick it in the freezer for a couple minutes (works for other drinks too).

2. Can opener vs. Scissors. The packages with the perforated edges that you have to fight to open are the most irritating things in existence. Avoid that frustration by using a can opener instead of scissors.

3. Newspapers do it better. Those streaks when you’re trying to clean windows and mirrors just defeat the points of cleaning them. Use newspaper pages instead of paper towels to avoid Windex streaks.

4. Protect your cords from splitting. You know how after so many times of winding your cords and chargers they start to tear apart and the wires show? Use a spring from an old pen to hold it straight.