Be the One

Caitlyn Oliver

The Dean of Students Unit held an event in the Russell Union today from 11a.m. to 1p.m. called Tell Someone.

“This is the first time we’ve done it this way. It started off last year when Associate Dean Kerry Greenstein created the program as a classroom presentation on identifying situations to speak up about,” Dean of Students Patrice Jackson said.

The event included nine offices and organizations that deal with different types on incidents on campus. Tell Someone is designed to teach students about when they should speak up about a situation that needs intervention and who they need to contact when something happens. 

There are eight topics being advocated and it’s all about bystander education on how to report incidents, Erin Gawthrop, intern with the Dean of Students Unit and senior public relations major, said.

“Humans have a tendency to feel like someone else will speak up first. We don’t want them to expect someone else to do it, we want them to be that one,” Dean Jackson said.

The topics discussed were mental health, sexual assault, academic dishonesty, hazing, disability, substance abuse, hate speech, and AED use.

“After the success of today, this will happen again. We just have to discuss how often but it will definitely happen again,” Dean Jackson said.