Day of Silence

Kristyn Hughes

Today has been deemed a “Day of Silence”on Georgia Southern’s campus. Student athletes will be sporting a new pin across campus today to support Suicide Awareness. 

The pins were made to raise awareness about the number of college students committing suicide. The pin reads “1100 College students lost to suicide each year SOS Week 2015.” SOS stands for the program “Stomp Out Stigma.”

Many college campuses are realizing the severity of the issues and doing what they can to help. The University of Georgia has come up with a way to help athletes who are contemplating suicide. They created the Paul Oliver Network that screens former football players and sets them up for job interviews. This followed the suicide of a former UGA player who shot himself after realizing his football career was ending and he didn’t know where to go from there.

The university’s counseling center website gives tips on how to get help if needed and how to help a friend that may be in need. It also gives contact numbers as well as warning signs of someone that may commit suicide or is thinking of it.