Avoiding Rush Hour

Caitlyn Oliver

We all know that, come 12p.m. to 1p.m., everybody and their mother has gotten out of class at the same time and is in desperate need of food. Here’s the best plan for being able to survive and not wait in an hour long line at Chick-Fil-A.

Bring a small snack to class and get lunch later rather than heading out immediately after you get let out or right before your afternoon class. The lines are going to be insane so if you can eat a bag of trail mix or a Pop Tart subtly during class so you don’t feel like your stomach will digest itself, go for it.

You could also just make your own lunch and bring it with you. There are plenty of places on campus you can sit down and eat or take it out to Sweetheart and make it a picnic before class.

If you don’t feel like making food or have nothing to snack on, use the Tapingo app and order food somewhere on campus during class and you’ll get a text when it’s ready.This only works with places that allow this so you won’t be able to get Zaxby’s but you can get a sub from the Gus Mart or a coffee and scone from Starbucks.