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Johnny Lu

Maribeth Farr, a senior athletic training major, is in the home stretch of her undergrad years at Georgia Southern.

Not only has Farr come a long and hard way in her athletic journey, but the benefits that come with her passion are endless. The field that Farr specializes in not only helps athletes recovering from an injury get back on their feet and back in the game, but also aids in teaching the prevention of certain injuries in the field of sports.

In addition to studying athletic training, Farr is also a student athletic trainer who has worked with both the GSU volleyball and footballs teams as a means of helping fellow athletes as well as practicing her career choice.

“I encourage people to start slow and both make and meet small, consistent goals in order to be successful in their athletic journey,” Farr said. 

One interesting talent that Farr likes to note is her swift ability to tape an athlete’s ankle in less than two minutes. 

When Farr isn’t too busy in the gym or the locker room, she spends her time teaching new tricks to her dog Ellie.