It’s Only Fair

Johnny Lu

Human Resources of Georgia Southern University is holding its Fall 2015 Job Fair located in the Russell Union Ballroom today from 12p.m. to 4pm.

Demetrius Byrnes, director of Employment Services, said that these job fairs are held several times each year as a way to help students prepare for life after graduation.

“Typically, we see 150 to 200 students get hired every time,” Byrnes said.

Jessamy McManus, graduate student and Career Services employee, can be found welcoming and introducing fellow Eagles to the opportunities of Career Services at GSU.

McManus says that Career Services is more than another regular office on campus.

“Not many people know what or where we are, but we offer a variety of futuristic opportunities to students at GSU,” McManus said.

Career Services has walk-in hours from 12p.m. to 4p.m. Monday through Friday.

From military recruitment to technology companies, students can learn about, apply for, and even conduct on-the-spot interviews to help prepare for different positions and potential jobs.  

Representatives are willing to talk to students about the benefits of their businesses and prepare students for what happens post-graduation.