Schools pressured to add sexual assault to transcript

Ian Leonard

Lawmakers in three states have called for legislation that would require schools to indicate on transcripts if a student has been suspended or expelled due to sexual assault charges, reports

At the moment, there is no federal law that requires schools to include any such record onto a transcript, nor are they required to asks a student about any past incidents they may have had.

However, lawmakers in California and Maryland have called for transcripts to include this information, and Virginia is on the verge of becoming the first practicers of this new law.

Virginia was singled out specifically due to its history with sexual offenders, most notably, Jesse Matthews Jr., a suspect in the murder of Hannah Graham. Matthews was a student at Liberty University, but was able to transfer to Christopher Newport University, without having to disclose his history.

These lawmakers are gaining support for their cause, but they still have a lot of obstacles to hurdle, most prominently, the fact that many schools are reluctant to share this information, as they believe it would be a breach of privacy.

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