Congressmen trying to repeal the Patriot Act

Chris Rossmann

According to, Two House lawmakers from opposite sides of the aisle are working together to push a bill through that will completely repeal the Patriot Act and dramatically rework American spying.

Representatives Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) and Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) unveiled their Surveillance State Repeal Act Tuesday, which would massively overhaul the legal system surrounding American spying.

“This isn’t just tinkering around the edges,” Pocan said during a Capitol Hill briefing on the legislation, “This is a meaningful overhaul of the system, getting rid of essentially all parameters of the Patriot Act.”

This bill isn’t the first of it’s kind. Leaders in Congress have expressed worries that even milder reforms could handicap the nation’s ability to fight terrorists. A similar bill was introduced in 2013 but was unable to gain any traction in the House.