App Update: Lecture Monkey

Ian Leonard

According to the official website of developer, JU Consulting, Lecture Monkey is a comprehensive recording app that allows students to use their phone’s microphone to record lectures in high quality, without using up tons of memory.

While recording the lecture, you can point your camera at any presentation material and the app will automatically take a picture of it. Also other users of the app who are recording in your general vicinity can add comments and annotations which will be incorporated into the final product.

This could clearly be a powerful tool for students but keep in mind that there are many professors here at Southern, who may not wish to be recorded, so before you begin utilizing this new software, be sure to speak with them first to make sure they are comfortable with it.

At the moment Lecture Monkey is only available on iTunes, however JU Consulting has expressed intent to bring the software to the Google Play store in the future.