Carnegie Mellon mistakenly accepts 800 applicants

Ian Leonard

Approximately 800 students received false acceptance e-mails from Carnegie Mellon’s prestigious graduate computer science program on Monday February 16th, according to

Students received the initial e-mail which stated that they had been accepted, only to get a second message the following Tuesday, informing them that they had actually ben rejected instead.

In the unfortunate amount of time it took Carnegie to correct its mistake, many applicants had already informed friends and family, and celebrated. One applicant, Ben Leibowitz, recalled having to inform his loved ones of the mistake.”Now I have to clean up the mess. I’m calling all my relatives, I’m going, `I’m sorry it’s not happening.'”

Carnegie joins many other institutions that have recently met with similar obstacles. 

John Hopkins University encountered the same issue, e-mailing over 300 students with incorrect acceptance statuses. And in the same month Massachusetts Institute of Technology(M.I.T.) misinformed applicants of their financial aid statuses, leading many to believe they had been accepted.