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Chris Rossmann

Spring semester is often when students try to find their first jobs after settling in to the college year. This year, we decided to give you a hand and look for the local business community to find out just who is out looking to hire you.

Food Service

· Pizza Hut, at 860 Buckhead Drive. Apply online at www.jobs.pizzahut.com

· Starbucks, 714 Northside Drive, http://www.starbucks.com/careers/retail-careers

· Hardees, 612 Northside Drive, https://www.peopleanswers.com/pa/testExternalPortalPositionDetails.do?companyId=798&pc=983025&positionPositionTypeId=80332&companyGeographyId=179168&languageId=1&locationSequenceNumber=1025&src=101098&job=984090%3A1-179168

· Taco Bell, 729 Northside Drive, http://jobs.tacobell.com/en-US/Search-Jobs/Xsjp

· Shane’s Rib Shack, 1100 Brampton Avenue, http://www.shanesribshack.com/job-application/


· Books-A-Million, 343 Henry Blvd. Apply online at http://www.booksamillioninc.com/careers.html

· AT&T Retail Sales Consultant, 606 Brannen Street, http://att.jobs/