Three Day Start-up: Entrepreneurship Education for GSU Students

Johnny Lu

The College of Business Administration at Georgia Southern University presents students with the 3 Day Startup (3DS), an entrepreneurship education program teaching students skills in a hands-on environment.

The 3DS program provides students with the essential tools to start successful companies.

Started as a nonprofit student organization in 2010, 3DS eventually expanded to universities throughout the globe, including GSU. 3DS has helped over 2500 3DS alumni from across the world create more than 79 companies.

Between February 20 to February 22, students from multiple disciplines including business, law, communications and computer science are welcome to engage in this 2nd annual 3DS program.

Over the course of three days, participants are introduced to key entrepreneurship principles as well as brainstorming and preliminary pitch skills.

The application deadline is January 31st, 2015. If not enough participants sign up for the event then it will be rescheduled.