Top 5 things you should Google today

Caitlyn Oliver

Here’s your quick update on recent national and world happenings:

1. Edgewater – A raging fire Wednesday evening destroyed a 408-unit apartment complex and spread, causing 1,000 residents to be homeless. No one died and a handful of injuries were reported.

2. Windows 10 – The program will be released next week for people who signed up for the pre-release. The start button opens up to a screen that will look like Windows 8.1 home screen. Notifications will sync between phone and computer. App options will expand for cell phones, like being able to use PowerPoint and print from your phone.

3. Hope Solo – The U.S. women’s national soccer goalie has been suspended for 30 days because of aggressive behavior toward police when her husband was pulled over for driving under the influence Monday. Solo was in the passenger seat of the car at the time.

4. Frilled Shark – For the first time in living memory, a frilled shark has been spotted and caught off the coast of Australia. The shark is six feet in length and has 300 teeth and is considered a “living fossil” because of ancestors dating back 80 million years.

5. Joni Erst – Republican senator for Iowa, Erst gave the official GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. She noted that despite the upturn in the economy, the last six years have still been difficult. Erst spoke against the Affordable Care Act and in favor of military strength and foreign engagement.