Galactic Comics Moves to a New Location

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Ian Leonard

Statesboro’s resident geek haven, Galactic Comics, officially moved in to it’s new location this past Saturday.

The actual merchandise in the store had been moved in since December 2nd, however, it wasn’t until January 24th that the owner’s officially celebrated.

Galactic has deep roots in this community, going as far back as 1990, when it was mainly a pawn shop, but over the years transitioned to comics and card games. It is also home to nearly all of Statesboro’s gaming tournaments, everything from Pokemon, to Magic.

This move of course comes with a number of new improvements. The square footage of the store nearly doubled. Aisles are wider, and there are even a couple more of them. There’s enough room to hang a plethora of different pop culture paraphernalia, such as a replica of Captain America’s shield, limited edition comic books, and soon, artwork by one of our very own Georgia Southern Eagles.

So if you fancy yourself a comic aficionado, a card game wiz, or even just someone who enjoys a good old fashioned board game, be sure to give Galactic Games & Comics a look over on 20 East Vine St.