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Georgia Southern getting paid $925,000 for upcoming LSU contest

McClain Baxley

August 27, 2019

When the Georgia Southern football team travels to Baton Rouge Saturday, they’ll be cashing in on a paycheck nine years in the making.The contract for GS to play at LSU was signed in 2010. Back then, the Eagles were still pla...

Georgia Southern falls to No. 2 Clemson 38-7

Ryan Kostesnky

September 15, 2018

The Eagles rushed for 80 yards in a loss to the No. 2 Clemson Tigers, losing the game 38-7.The game started off slow with no points being scored for either side, but it was the Eagles' defense that stole the show. GS recorded a...

Predicting the records of all 12 Georgia Southern football opponents

McClain Baxley

August 30, 2018

Georgia Southern fans have labored and analyzed the Eagles’ schedule since it was released in February. Many fans can easily rattle off all 12 opponents and when GS plays them. But, how about the opponents’ schedules? How do ...

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