The George-Anne Media Group

This Week on Social Media

April 10, 2020

Here is a compilation of all the wonderful content that went up on our social media pages over the last couple of weeks.Links to Social MediaInstagram:

What will the George-Anne Studio do?

March 29, 2020

Here is an update. As videographers, our division has been very much affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We still intend to create content. The video explains the details.Links to Social MediaInstagram:

Inner Circle Review: Light From Light

March 13, 2020

Benjamin Barks, a pretentious man of cinema, and A.J. Hall, a guy that likes action movies, review the latest film to screen at Georgia Southern University.Light From Light follows a character drama about a single mother who ...

Two Guys Debate The Rise of Skywalker on the Internet

January 17, 2020

Welcome to our latest addition of the Inner Circle. This past December, Disney and Lucasfilm concluded the Skywalker Saga with its ninth installment, The Rise of Skywalker. For our first week of the semester, Clayton and Ben d...

The George-Anne Studio Recruitment Video

January 15, 2020

The George-Anne Studio is a section of the Student Media group at Georgia Southern University. We film, edit and upload a variety of content to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.Click the link below if you’re thinking about applying, ...

What is the George Anne Studio

November 16, 2019

Meet Lawrence, the current Editor-in-Chief of the Studio. Today we take a look at the Studio itself.To apply, click the following link, and be sure to select “The George-Anne Studio” in the appropriate section! (This appli...

Mind Milk

November 9, 2019

While Brandon is away, Jared does something he’s not supposed. Mind bending results ensue.Directed by: Jared Puls, Brandon Shultz, Clayton FranklinCinematographers: Brandon Shultz, Clayton FranklinStarring: Jared Puls & Bra...

Uncivilized Society: A Fashion Extravaganza

November 5, 2019

Presenting UNCIVILIZED SOCIETY: A FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA! A complete fashion experience curated by Jalease Turner, including looks from 7 amazing designers/stylists, beautiful models, talented performers, and a shopping experie...

Making Vegetarian Spaghetti

October 26, 2019

It can be tricky being a vegetarian in college, but it is not impossible. This video is to show how easy it is to mix up your favorite veggies and put it in spaghetti. There is no exact recipe because the beauty of this meal is that...



August 19, 2019

Brandon V Lawrence

Brandon V Lawrence

May 1, 2019



February 27, 2019

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