The George-Anne Studio Recruitment Video

The George-Anne Studio is a section of the Student Media group at Georgia Southern University. We film, edit and upload a variety of content to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Click the link below if you’re thinking about applying, then select George-Anne Studio as the training program you would like to enter.

NOTE: Trainees will meet throughout the semester before becoming a true member. HOWEVER, if you meet the criteria below, you can apply for “Bootcamp” (which you can select on the application), a one-time meeting where you will receive basic information and training. You can then become a member immediately.

Bootcamp Criteria: You must have completed these classes: Comm 2332 Media and Society; MMFP 2331 Multimedia Production; and MMFP 2336 Audio Recording and Sound Design. In addition, you must have completed or be enrolled in Spring 2020 in MMFP 3331 Single Camera Production.