Late Night Food

Yasmeen Waliaga

There are many environments you will find yourself in at two in the morning when your stomach begins to growl. No matter where that may be, your stomach is sending you the same message; it is time for a late night bite.  One of the perks of living in a college town is that many restaurants remain open throughout the night, making a meal accessible to you at any hour.

Fast Food

If your stomach is requesting something greasy and processed that will lead to shame, try fast food. There are too many drive-thrus open late in Statesboro to count.
One of the most popular is Cookout, the king of fast food.  Cookout offers every unhealthy food you could possibly imagine, and the restaurant has a special deal that allows you to get an amount of food so great that no human should be able to finish it for the convenient price of five dollars.  Cookout is typically open until 3 a.m.
Another fast food favorite is the timeless and extremely cheap McDonalds.  Food is available for 24-hours and you can never go wrong with the dollar menu.  If you want something with a little more spice and you’re willing to deal with a stomachache as a consequence of your meal, go for Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is always open until two or three in the morning, and they have a happy hour for food.

Healthier Options

For those of you who want to wake up the next morning and not feel 15 pounds heavier, there are a couple restaurants with healthy choices.
Subway is perfect for people who live in the dorms.  It is located next to Grays Bookstore and across the street from the Dining Commons.  Your sandwich or salad will generally cost around five or six dollars.  Subway is a great choice for those who stay up until the early morning hours because Subway remains open for all 24.
If you live further from campus and are not walking-distance from Subway, try Jimmy Johns.  Jimmy Johns offers delivery.  If you want to be extra healthy, order any sandwich and make it an un-wich.  It will come to you wrapped up in lettuce instead of bread.

Have a Seat

Charlie’s Chicken is located across from campus, in the heart of the plaza.  For that reason, things are always wild there.  If you have already been at the Plaza for hours, join the obnoxious crowd.  If you have been up studying at the library, Charlie’s is the perfect place to take a break and people watch.  Charlie’s Chicken is open until 3 a.m.  You will not be disappointed.
If you are willing to go for a drive that is most definitely worth it, Waffle House is for you.  Enjoy an early breakfast for cheap, accompanied by jukebox tunes and unordinary people.  You never know what to expect at any of the 24 hours that Waffle House is open.