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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

What Does Your Drink Choice Say About You?

Gin & Tonic

Clearly, this is not your first time ingesting an alcoholic beverage.  You have most likely outgrown the fruity stuff, but you haven’t outgrown the urge to reach a decent buzz.  Most of the time, your tipsiness does not interfere with your classy demeanor.


You are too good for a Statesboro bar or at least that’s your mentality.  It is highly likely that you are the type to thoroughly enjoy a night out until someone dares to accidentally spill a drink on you.  In this case, you won’t hesitate to flash a dirty glare at the person responsible, with makeup-surrounded eyes that say, “who do you think you are.”  Perhaps you have watched too many television shows depicting life in Manhattan.

Red Bull

The character of Red Bull drinkers is a relative matter.  If you are ordering it with alcohol in the mix, people are going to avoid you at all costs because no one knows when the toxic blend will cause you to spiral into something that resembles a tornado coming through the bar. If Red Bull is the solo substance inhabiting your cup, your go-to phrase must be “I don’t need drinks to have fun,”  in that case, well played.  Your friends probably forget you are sober and you will be able to recount their embarrassments.

Bourbon & Coke

If you’re a college-aged male this is expected.  If you’re a girl, you are either well aware of your preference in beverages or you just ordered it because you were offered a drink and didn’t want to disappoint the hopeful “gentleman” by revealing your basic qualities.  Bourbon and Coke is a neutral drink of choice so no harsh judgment can be passed towards those who are sipping it. Continue to sip.

Vodka & Cranberry

As unfortunate as it may be for the common groups of girls seen ordering this drink in sums of eight, vodka cranberry drinker’s will never receive praise of any sort for their drink choice.  Those who order vodka-water-limes or vodka cranberries typically belong to the large demographic of college girls who wouldn’t dare to sacrifice a good image for a good tasting beverage.  Or, of course, you might be a mom.  Despite the bad rap given to advocates of fruity drinks, your mission is the same as everyone’s around you.  So, indulge in that girly liquid, but don’t complain about your raging headache tomorrow.


Tequila screams, “I am a good time and you don’t want to go out without my company.  Fortunately though, you will never have to because I never miss a night to party.”  Missing out on a crazy evening is a form of neglect in your eyes.  For that reason, you attend all sorts of festivities.  The bars are your playground, and you don’t intend to make an exit until the park gates are closed.


Water says one of two things: you are comfortable enough with yourself and your social life to hold a cup of water while dancing with no shame, or you have crossed the line with the number of drinks you have consumed and you’re on the verge of being sent home by one of your friends.  Hopefully, you belong to the first category.

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