Petsboro: Jaxwell Lee Dobby Cannon

Reflector Magazine wishes to celebrate the lives of Statesboro’s coolest pets (because let’s be honest, people are just the worst).

This is Jaxwell Lee Dobby Cannon or “Jax” as we call him. He is a two-year-old “Chiweenie,” which is a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix.  When Jax’s ears are bent back, he resembles the character Dobby from “Harry Potter.” This is where one of his middle names comes from. It was added to his name when he was about six-months-old.  His favorite hobbies include car rides (window nose smears included), play dates with his sisters (who are owned by a close friend), tug-of-war (with anyone who dares to challenge him), fetching tennis balls, and playing with his favorite toy – Mr. Dolphin. Jax is a very hyper and energetic dog but absolutely loves to cuddle. His favorite spot is on your lap under a fuzzy blanket. He loves attention and gets quite jealous when it’s not received.
Jax is owned and loved by Morgan Cannon, a senior business management major.
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