Petsboro: Cali

Reflector Magazine wishes to celebrate the lives of Statesboro’s coolest pets (because let’s be honest, people are just the worst).
Cali is a two-year-old rescue cat. She was named Cali simply because she is a calico cat. Cali is a true trooper because she broke her leg in November and was put in a hard cast for six weeks. No, she didn’t break it from a moving vehicle. She is probably the only cat to ever break a leg from trying to jump on top of the ironing board only to, unfortunately, have it fall and land on her leg. Cali is now learning to use her leg again. She enjoys lounging in front of windows, sitting in cardboard boxes, and sleeping in her “hammock” that she created from a hole in the boxspring mattress.
Cali is owned and loved by Madeline Hite, a fashion merchandising and apparel design major.
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