Living a Greener Lifestyle in College

Michelle Pratt

When some people think of people who live green lifestyles, they think of hippies who live in small huts in the woods and live off the natural environment, but that’s not always the case. In fact that is very rarely the case.
Living a greener lifestyle is a lot easier than you may think and you don’t have to go 10 days without taking a shower to do so.
The farmers market is one of the best ways to start eating organic food that is grown naturally. Statesboro has a farmers market right downtown that is open every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

I love getting local honey from the farmers market because it helps with my allergies a lot. Many people don’t realize that local honey is better for you because they are pollinating flowers that are local to your area,  said Morgan Edwards, sophomore nursing major.

donna joens honey
Along with eating fresh and locally grown food, you can also live a greener lifestyle by changing the types of bags you use at the grocery store. Many people do not realize that the local Wal-Mart sells recycled and environment friendly cloth bags.
“We have six registers and four self checkout registers and every day we probably see about 10 people at each register,” said Aleta Covington, Statesboro’s Neighborhood Wal-Mart manager.

However the majority of the customers will come in and just use the plastic bags.
edit3Reducing the amount of plastic you use can also reduce the amount of harsh chemicals in your cleaning products.
Many people do not realize how many environment friendly alternatives there are for cleaning products.
“Some years ago I found out that I could make my own natural cleaning spray. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way that I’ve found to jump-start goals to creating a more natural home,” according to a natural living blog called Lovely Greens.
Vinegar has been a housewife’s secret for years. With green cleaning becoming more popular, vinegar is an excellent start to living a greener life. Try experimenting with different ways to become more green. The best part is, you will find it can be lot more cost effective! 
Photos by Tahir Daudier and Donna Jones