Gettin Jiggy with '90s Fashion

Michelle Pratt

Ah, the Nineties. When we had no worries in the world except what color scrunchy matched our outfit best or making sure our Furbies were happy.
This time in history had some weird and wacky fashion trends, and it was a full time job making sure we were always staying up to date with the crazy trends of this period.
In celebration of the decade most of us were born in, The Reflector is dedicating this week to everything ‘90s. If you wore these top four trends in the ’90s, you were one cool kid.

The Scrunchie

IMG_4075use (1)
This circle of fabric that you put in your hair was the top fashion trend of young girls everywhere in the ‘90s. Regardless of the outfit, a scrunchie was always the perfect accessory. The best part about it was that most of the time one was included with that adorable top from Belk. Normally scrunchies were worn with your hair half up in a high pony so everyone could see this statement piece.

The Fanny Pack

The handy dandy fanny pack was a little invention that was like a purse you never had to hold; you just had to clip it around your waist.
However, this now typical tourist trend that was the ‘shiznit’ in elementary school seems to be making a comeback. Should the fanny pack come back into everyday fashion? Or should it be buried and never thought of again?


Were you even considered cool if you didn’t have one strap undone? It didn’t matter if they were short or long, the overalls were the perfect piece to put over a cool t-shirt. And of course they would be even cooler if they were acid washed.
This trendy piece of the 90s seems to be making a comeback in young hipsters everywhere, but thankfully they know how to make them look better than when we were children.

Socks with Slip-ons

The trend that no one ever liked was somehow a top trend in the ’90s.
The beloved slip on sandals with the ankle socks was the trend of the cool, sporty kids and you would always catch them wearing it with a pair of baggy gym shorts. Normally these socks were seen pushed down the ankle to make shorter and give to the “baggy” style of the ’90s. It seems that the slip on sandals are coming back, but leave the socks in the drawer please.
No matter how old you are now, as ’90s babies we have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the fashion trends of the decade we were born in. Is there a chance that these fashion trends will come back into the eyes of the everyday fashionista, or are they better left in the past?
You can be the judge of that one.
Pictures by Michelle Pratt