Saving a Dollar: Free Alterations for Students at Georgia Southern

Michelle Pratt

Being college students, hearing the word “free” in any situation is music to our ears. FMAD Stitch, a new program, started on September 1.  The program allows students to receive free alterations from student volunteers.
This program was founded by Amber Shelton, a Georgia Southern Fashion Merchandising students while in Dr. Rachel Eike’s apparel two class when they had to alter each other’s garments in a faux FMAD stitch program.  

“We would go through the motions of working with the customer in this faux FMAD stitch class,” Shelton said, “That’s where the idea of turning it into an actual program came from.”

This program offers students the ability to wear their clothing longer, since they can get it tailored to themselves.  Also, the program is planning on using any scraps and donated material to construct quilts and plan to donate the quilts to the local homeless shelters.

“With our grant from the Center for Sustainability we are really pushing eco fashion, and trying to keep people from getting rid of giving up on pieces that do not fit them correctly,” Shannon Coen, brand ambassador head for FMAD Stitch said.

Many of you reading this may feel a bit wary about letting college students alter your clothes for you, but have no fear! All of these students are qualified and know how to sew. The professors will be checking each garment for quality control before sending you home with it. 

“We have different levels we rate each article of clothing and how much needs to be done, so if you only know how to basic stitch you would get a lower level garment. This ensures the quality stays at its best,” Coen said.

When turning in your garment to them, you can expect to have it back within a week of the date you dropped it off.

The only garments that will not be altered through this program are: wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and full suits, due to the amount of work and expertise these garments require, as well as turn around time.
As this program takes off volunteers will always be welcome to join the FMAD stitch team in the marketing department or as a tailor. 
“Right now we have a total of 13 tailors, as well as Dr. Eike’s apparel two class of 24 students. Our marketing team has eight people right now but is quickly growing,” said Shelton.
You can drop off your garments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m, or you can contact them at
Photos by Tahir Daudier