Dorm Sweet Dorm: How to Make Your College Room Feel More Like Home


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Michelle Pratt

Moving away from home for the first time can be pretty nerve-racking for any fresh high school graduate. You can get home sick pretty quickly living in the small dorms.
However, you don’t have to be stuck with the boring, blank walls of your dorm this year.  Instead, hit up the local stores and make your dorm feel like you actually live there.IMG_0023
For roommates Alyx Gordy, Carson Fitzpatrick, Jordan Ernsberger and Kacie Grella, the decision to spruce up their dorm to make it look more like a house left this centennial four bedroom looking way too cute.

When looking for decorations, go to local stores in Statesboro like Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx . They always have good deals on home decor. If you are shopping at home , shop at some of your favorite places that have nice items for reasonable prices.

“Most of our stuff in the living room came from Target because they have really cute things that are not really that expensive,” Gordy, freshman public relations major said.

To decorate your dorm living room,  don’t pack it with a bunch of stuff and make it look cluttered. Instead, try adding a few big wall decorations and some small items on the tables and couch.
“We decided to add a couch cover to match with our color scheme,” Fitzpatrick, freshman child and family development major said.   IMG_0001
When it comes to your personal space, make sure that you stay true to who you are and decorate it the way that you would like your room to look since this will be where you go for some ‘you time.’
“I have a lot of pictures of me and my old friends as well as some pictures of my sorority sisters hanging on my wall near my bed,” Ernsberger, freshman exercise science major said.
No matter how you decide to decorate your dorm. you should always try to incorporate all of your roommate’s style into it in a cohesive way. Most importantly, have fun with it! 
Scroll through the gallery below to get ideas for your dorm!
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photos by Michelle Pratt