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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Halloween Costumes for Every Style

Halloween is the time when girls and guys around spend way more money than they should on costumes.
However, if you’re one of the stragglers looking for last minute ideas on the budget then you have found yourself at the right place. Whatever type of costume you’re looking for, we got it!
“Until I came to college I never really dressed up sexy. I prefer really funny costumes because I think that they get more attention than sexy ones.”
Whether you want to be sexy or sweet, go solo or in a group, you have plenty of options you can choose from by everyday college students like yourself!

Flying Solo:

Hey, it is completely fine to fly solo this Halloween. You don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has matching outfits or spending too much because ‘Sally’ wants to buy the $80 Catwoman suit.With a mixture of sweet and sexy costumes there is bound to be your perfect costume in here.


Spirit Halloween

Want to be sexy but not trashy? This pirate costume gives enough to leave the mind wandering without screaming ‘I like to dress trashy for Halloween.’ Boys can look but they can’t touch your booty. ($29)


Spirit Halloween

This prisoner costume is perfect for you if you want to get in touch with your bad girl side. You’ll have all of the cops chasing after you in this costume. ($29)



Halloween Costumes

Did someone say they need a doctor? In this nurse costume you are sure to have people lined up for their annual check up.




Halloween Costumes

You will have wars started over you in this Goddess costume. Men will be lining up for your affection. Little do they know that a Goddess never goes for a peasant. ($14.99)


Group costumes can always be fun. You get to dress up with your BFFs for the night and people always get a good laugh at a great group idea. If you are used to flying solo on Halloween, try something different this year and go as a group or pair.
“I like to dress up in a group because I think that group costumes are more fun and you can get really creative with them,” said Lexie Luther, sophomore pre-nursing major.


Party City

A classic that mostly everyone has seen in their childhood is always a good idea for a Halloween group costume. The Pink Ladies and T-Birds are always the show stoppers, and who knows.. you may even break out in song. ($29-$39.99)



Party City

Because when’s a better time than now to act out your fantasies that you’re part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast? ($22.99)


Party City

Chasing criminals while looking hot. Be the baddest couple at the party by dressing up as a cop duo with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You will have jailbirds lining up to be handcuffed by you. ($39.99-$49.99)
No matter your style, there is a costume out there for you! Dare to go outside of the box this Halloween and try something you’ve never tried before. Halloween is right around the corner so as a last minute shopper you better get started. Let these costumes help your search be a little easier! 
(Feature photo by Zoe Brown)

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