Why Home is Worth the Drive


Rosemary Kramer has earned Shooter of the Month Award for the Southern Conference for the third time this season. Kramer is first set to become the first GS athlete to shoot at the NCAA Rifle Championship.

Macy Holloway

Listen, we all know that going home anytime before break in the fall seems useless, especially driving down I-16 on a rainy weekend. It sounds a whole lot like hydroplaning 116 miles just to slump through Macon and then another 100-odd miles of treacherous interstate just to pet the cat all weekend. Right? Well, not always, the easy 225 miles home Friday and 225 miles back Sunday–was, wait for it, so totally worth it.
So, here, my friends, is why you should consider hitting the road early one of these weekends and going to see the folks, the cat and the dog– and maybe even a reclusive younger brother if you’re lucky.

Go home, drink out of your favorite mug, let your brother hug you and your parents make you some cinnamon rolls. The drive may be stiff, but the benefits are worth it tenfold. If not for your own mental health, do it for the pets.