Outfits That Will Have You Prepared for Any Date

Michelle Pratt

Finding the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day can turn into World War III. You want your outfit to be perfect, but not so over-the-top that you look like you are trying too hard.
With the help of Polyvore.com we were able to make perfect outfits for your Valentine’s Day activities, whether you’ll be having a nice picnic in the park or an expensive dinner.

Casual lunch

Casual lunch
A perfect way to spend the day with your sweetheart would be a nice picnic in Sweetheart Circle.
Just because you are not going somewhere incredibly fancy does not mean that you have to dress like a bum.
“I think it is important to dress comfortable but cute for a daytime date on Valentine’s Day,” said Junior Fashion Merchandising major, Cara Laine Sims.
For a picnic you can go for a more casual look that is still cute and stylish. Pair a mini skirt with a flowy top, and a sunhat to complete the look, and adding a pink lipstick will give you that flirty daytime look that will have your ‘boo’ swooning over you.
“I love pairing booties with a cute casual outfit to make it a little dressier without being too fancy,” Sims said. “A light lip will always go perfect for a look where you will be outside during the day because you don’t want to wear anything too dark when it’s not night time.”

Fancy Dinner

Fancy Dinner
If you prefer a nice dinner date for Valentine’s Day then you should probably put those converses away and take out the lace up heels in the back of your closet.
A nice neutral colored dress like black or white/cream with color coordinating accessories is the perfect way to look nice without being over-done.
“Black is definitely your best friend,” said Junior Fashion Merchandising major, Halle Hagler. “I think it gives me more color to my skin tone and it’s easy to wear with other colors.”
If you are wanting to go for a colored dress however we recommend doing a black or nude heel so you do not look like one big crayon.
“My biggest pet peeve is when someone color coordinates their whole entire outfit,” Hagler said. “You don’t have to match from head to toe.”


Day to Night
Maybe you are going for a brunch in downtown Savannah then to Ruth Chris later that night.
If you were not planning on going home to change then you might be in a dilemma on what to wear that could go for both night and day time looks.
For the day wear a cute top with a midi skirt and some booties with a sunhat, and as soon as the sun goes down trade the booties for heels and the sunhat for a blazer.
This is a perfect way that you can change a few items to make your outfit fit both occasions without carrying around the extra bulk of a whole extra outfit.
Whether you are going on a fancy dinner or doing something more casual for Valentine’s Day, you can always dress to impress.
Pinks, whites, and reds are always great choices for this occasion, but remember you can always mix and match with different colors.
Step out of your comfort zone and focus on a few key pieces of your outfit to really make your date’s heart flutter.