How to Get the Perfect Glow Without the Tanning Bed

Michelle Pratt

Let’s face it, we always feel better when we are tan. Something about having sun kissed skin makes us feel like you could strut around in a bikini like Victoria’s Secret models.
However, if you are totally against getting into tanning beds to get that perfect “before summer” bronze, you may have trouble finding the right tanning lotion to use at your home.
Sure spray tans are an awesome idea, but they require a lot of money and will only last you about two weeks (if you take great care of your skin).
At home tanning lotions are easy, simple and a whole lot cheaper, but it can be hard to find the perfect lotion for your skin. I decided to try some out on my forearm (the palest part of me) and determine which ones are a bust and which ones are just right. 
Faux Glow

Jergens Natural Glow

Price: $8.64 (7.5 fl)

Best for: warm skin tones

I have to say, I was that girl in high school that would use this and come to school smelling like straight fake tan and I had a perfect orange glow to complement it. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on and found out that they have added some perfumes to it that makes it actually smell like a normal lotion. So I was already feeling good about this one.
When applying it it goes on clear, which can be dangerous for someone who tends to miss a lot of spots, but good if you want your tan to appear gradually.
After sleeping on it for a night the tan did not show up at all, which was very disappointing. It says that it will gradually get darker the more you apply it, but my skin tone did not change at all after the first application. It might have been because I did apply the gradual formula instead of the one that works overnight to make you multiple shades darker.
“When I tried using this lotion multiple times in a row it left me orange,” said Kaitlin Reid, junior information technology major. “It also doesn’t come off even so some parts of you are white while others are orange.”
Overall review: this lotion smells good and should give you a nice gradual tan. However it probably is best for using occasionally and not all the time because it can leave you orange, and if you want an instant tan overnight this product will not give it to you.

St. Tropez- Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

Price: $44 (6.7 fl oz)

Best for: Cool/Olive skin tones

This tanning mousse may cost you a pretty penny, but it is totally worth it! Unlike normal self tanning products, this one has a greenish tint to it so it does not leave you with a orange glow.
It smells fairly good and it applies on with a tan color, which is great for people like me who tend to miss spots with clear lotions.
The other great thing about their “express” product is that you can either wash it off after one, two, or three hours depending on how deep of a tan you want. So you don’t have to actually sleep in it and get your sheets messed up.
Being so pale, I was afraid that going the whole time would leave me looking very unnatural looking. But luckily, the tan was not so deep that it looked like I just spent a month straight living it up on the beach covered in baby oil.
Overall review: I love this product and definitely recommend it to any pale girls like me. It does not give me that orange glow and It fades very well. It is pretty expensive but a whole bottle can last for about three or four months depending on how much you use it.

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes

Price: $9.47 (6 towelettes)

Best for: warm skin tones

Just like the other products used, these wipes do not originally give off a bad smell, but after applying it to my skin I could definitely make out a distinct “fake tan” odor.
I did find it interesting that it was towelettes instead of a lotion or mousse. This being said, my hand was the color of the box it came in since I didn’t think to wash my hand after applying it.
The color did not come off too orange after sleeping on it. I could definitely see an orange tint, and if it was applied to a larger area like my whole body, I probably would have looked like I belonged in Charlie’s chocolate factory. 
This product would be great for you if you are planning on competing on stage because those lights can wash you out.
“When I used to cheer in high school me and my friends would put so much of the self tanning wipes on our bodies we would be so orange, but we loved it,” said junior marketing major, Jacqueline Ferree.
Overall review: This was probably the worst product out of the three. It did  not have a very pleasant smell and the color was a little too orange for my taste. However if that is your style then this is the product for you.
Whether you’re trying to look bronze for spring break or an upcoming formal, you can achieve the perfect faux glow with some take-home products. Just remember, before going out into public with a botched tan, make sure you test the product on a small portion of your skin first.