The Struggle of Not Having a Job in College

Michelle Pratt

The last thing you want to do is eat Ramen noodles five times a week and bum off of your freshman friend’s guest passes for the dinning hall, but if you don’t have a job then these are probably your weekly struggles.
Nothing is more frustrating than regretting spending $15 on a meal, and all of your working friends are spending 100 dollars on the local Facebook clothing exchange.
If you are part of the college population that barley has enough money to buy a cookout tray then you will be able to relate to these stages of not having a job in college.

When your friends want to go to Dingus at 7 p.m.

“But drinks aren’t two-for-one.”
giphy (15)

Begging your parents for money.

“I promise I have no idea where that $300 went!”
giphy (16)

When your diet consists of Ramen and Easy Mac.

“Can you please spare me a Landrum guest pass?”
giphy (17)

That moment when you finally have more than $20 in your account.

“Call me the next Bill Gates.”
giphy (18)