Blast from the past: our favorite childhood toys

Michelle Pratt

No matter what, your heart always breaks a little when you see a throwback picture of your favorite toys when you were in elementary school, and your biggest concern was if your sketcher shoes matched the girl in the first row of science class.
For #TBT (throw back Tuesday) we decided to take a look into the past and pick our favorite things from our childhood.

Hit Clips:

Photo via Buzzfeed
Photo via Buzzfeed

These one minute bursts of our favorite songs were the greatest thing in our lives growing up.
Not only were these boomboxes small and very portable, but you could keep them all organized on a nifty little belt clip.


Photo via Amazon
Photo via Amazon

These little fur balls are actually the spawn of Satan. Not only do they they make little annoying chirping noises, but they never stop.
However every little nine-year-old girl would beg their parents for one, and then would cry until they actually got it.
If you were unlucky enough to have one of these “pets” then you probably spent many nights trying to shove it in the back of your closet so you could sleep in peace.

Bop It:

Photo via Amazon
Photo via Amazon

We are pretty sure this game was the start of all of our anger management problems.
This game tested your reflex skills, or lack of, by making you “bop it” “twist it” or “pull it” while also speeding up the longer you play it.
Not only did this toy test your anger skills, but it also was the first toy to help contribute to carpal tunnel in elementary schoolers.

Moon Shoes:

Photo via Toys R Us
Photo via Toys R Us

The shoes parents dreaded, but every kid wanted. These springy shoes were meant to make you feel like you were walking on the moon, but let’s be honest, we only used them to see how high we could jump.
If you never got the chance to experience these awesome shoes, then there is no time but the present because you can still order these shoes here.
No matter what toys you played when you were a child, you always cry a little inside every time you see one. The good ole days was nothing but music, moon shoes, and demon plush toys.