5 Ways to Fool People on April Fools Day

Junior guard David-Lee Jones Jr. is one of the underclassmen Byington is relying on to have an impact this season.

Yasmeen Waliaga

April has arrived and so has the loved and hated day of practical jokes and bullsh*t stories. As students, this time of year is both terrifying and glorious. It’s the season of decisions; when we’re constantly presented with opportunities to engage in reckless fun while being hit in the face with colossal amounts of work and responsibilities. Needless to say, we all deserve a little entertainment. Thus, April Fools Day comin’ in clutch!
I’m sure you are all recklessly pacing in utter confusion, distraught by the disturbing thought that no one will fall for your prank. Well, guess what? I am bringing you this list from the deepest depths of my soul; a soul capable of scheming you couldn’t even imagine. I have mastered the art of excuses, bending the truth for personal necessity, and all those other sketchy skills that get you through college. So this is my gift to you! Happy April! Here are ten ways to fool the people in your life.

1. The Basket of Surprises

Put together a gift basket of romantic (or sexual) goodies. Make it OVER THE TOP lovey-dovey. In it, put a note and make it signed by someone that your roommate knows, but not very well. Leave it on the counter and say it was delivered earlier that day.

2. The Sext-ifier

When your friend is not looking, take his/her phone and go to the settings. Then go to “general,” then “keyboard,” and do text replacement. Instead of making shortcuts for words, use regular words like “hey” and make them instantly change to random phrases. You can do as many as you’d like and make them as strange as you’d like! I think rap lyrics are always a good choice!

3. The Dropout

Get up in the middle of class and loudly say “I’M SO DONE!” before preceding to throw your papers in the air. Then, storm out of your class, but quickly turn around and come back in so you don’t fail…

4. The Fam Photo Wall

Print out several pictures of random families you find online. Frame them and hang them all over your roommates room. This will cause some confusion for sure.

5. The Sketchy Call

Spoof call your parents from the sheriff office number and act like you are calling from jail. Tell them you got arrested for something super random like soliciting or vandalism. You’ll obviously want to end this one pretty swiftly.