Club Mud: Making a House Into a Home

Michelle Pratt

It can be a really difficult to make a house you are temporarily living in feel like a home. This is especially the case when you’re living in a college dorm, apartment, or house.
Sometimes the only thing you need to make your place a real home is a few decorative elements.
Club Mud, a pottery club at Georgia Southern University makes and sells hand made pottery that can be used as perfect accents around your house.
These adorable pieces of pottery can not only make the perfect center piece, but they can also double as kitchenware.
By adding sunflowers to a matching bowl and cup you turned ordinary kitchen supplies into a perfect accent on a corner table.
“Mostly [the pottery] is for food or is food driven,” said Emily Oren, president of Club Mud. “However it can be used to put flowers in it too.”
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These awesome pieces of pottery can double as candle holders as well. All you have to do is stick a round/flat candle in a coffee cup and place it on top of a small saucer.
This is the perfect way to channel your inner Mad Hatter.  
Another practical way to spruce up your home while still being stylish is using a bowl as a remote holder.
A bigger bowl is ideal because it can hold your bulkier remotes.
Club Mud currently is being sold at the Rotunda, but Oren is hoping to branch out more in the community.

“Arts Fest is a great way to get people’s work out in the community. We will hopefully start selling our products there next year,” Oren said.

Just because you may not be the ‘crafty’ person of your household does not mean you cannot have homemade art all around it. Club Mud’s designs are perfect for any kind of home.
“Different pieces fit different personalities because they are all different. They are typically very earthy so they go with just about anything, and since they are made separately every piece is unique,” Oren said.
No matter how you decide to decorate your house, the more personal the article the better. Homemade details in your college house, dorm, or apartment can really make it feel like a home away from home.