DIY: Take Advantage of Your Small Space

Michelle Pratt

Turning a house into a home can be a difficult task in college. Your room may never be the way you want it unless you spend hundreds of dollars at Pier 1 or World Market.
Fortunately for you, we have found a few awesome “Do It Yourself” projects that will not break the bank, or your back, in the process.
We sat down with Annsley Lomax, a junior fashion merchandising major, to discuss how to liven up your modest bedroom.

Headboard Substitutions:

If your headboard does not come attached to your bed frame, then you may run into the problem of having just a plain bare wall behind your bed. Just because a headboard does not come with your bed, doesn’t mean you can’t make one on your own.
Annsley decided to make a headboard out of old barn wood to really express her personality and save some extra money.

“I definitely think I save money by making them myself instead of buying them. In addition to saving money, DIY gives you the freedom to be creative and make it your own,”  Lomax said.

By adding a headboard behind your bed, it can really help pull a room together. If headboards aren’t your thing, adding a tapestry or hanging pictures behind your bed are other decorative substitutions.

Bottle Vases:

Instead of sticking your used wine bottles on top of your kitchen cabinets, opt for a classier idea and make them into vases.
A really creative way to do this is to burn candles that are different colors in the bottle and let the wax drip on the sides. It gives a neat texture while also looking very shabby chic.

“The wax bottles were made from empty liquor, wine, or other pretty bottles and just any candlestick. When I was younger I would melt old crayons on them to add more color,”  Lomax said.

This is a great way to add decoration to your room by adding a pop of color. You can also stick fake flowers or feathers in them to give them more of a Boho look.

Wall Art:

Anything big and bulky to help cover up white space will instantly make your room feel more like home.  A non traditional idea for wall art is actually using skulls and wood to make a cool three dimensional piece.
“My mom has an interior decorations business called Drift with Anne so she uses a lot of old wood so her work was kind of the inspiration for that,” Lomax said, “I thought the skull was really neat but wanted to make it unique so I added the pearls, flowers and feathers to it.”
Sometimes adding elements that you would not normally think would be considered as decoration in a room can add a good balance to your bedroom.