Blah to Babe: The Perfect Face Mask For Summer


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Michelle Pratt

Finals exams are just around the corner, which means, so are hot Summer days in the deep south.
Your skin is probably still recovering from the cold weather which means that you are in desperate need of some face mask magic.
Luckily for you, we have found the perfect face mask to cool you down when the weather starts heating up.

Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask

This is a perfect cooling mask that will help rejuvenate the appearance of dull winter skin.
This green face mask goes on like a paste and within five minutes it is solid. As soon as the mask hardens completely you wash your face with warm water and pat dry for amazing results.
Also this mask is great for college students on a budget since such a little amount can be spread over your entire face. Meaning this tube could last you forever.
“I love that I did not have to use so much like other masks I have tried,” said sophomore public relations major, Alex Hulsey.
This therapeutic masks provides an extract of Green Tea in a skin protecting formula that is supposed to increase antioxidant absorption into your skin. Which basically means it helps your skin absorb ingredients that will help rejuvenate it from “winter skin syndrome.”
“Every year around this time my skin just looks dull and unhealthy, but this face mask definitely made it feel a lot softer,” Hulsey said.
Unlike homemade face masks, this one is easier for transport and will last you a lot longer than using fruit that will go bad within a week.
One of the most aggravating things, is having a home facemask you use and not being able to transport it when you go on trips.
“I use a cleansing mask that is a home recipe and I can never take it on my trip to Kansas in the summer because I have nothing to travel pack it,” said sophomore psychology major, Carolyn Miller.
No matter what you decide to do with your Summer vacation, make sure your skin is Summer ready.
This green tea face mask is the perfect way to make your dull skin glowing for your Summer adventure.