Throwback Thursday: Our Favorite Fictional Foods

Cheryl Nuzum

One of the best things about fictional literature is how, well, fictional it is. Anything can happen in these stories. Whether you stayed up late under the covers with a flashlight or gazed wide-eyed at your teacher during story time, these stories had a way of drawing us all in as children with their imaginative tales.
One of the best things about life in general is food. All food. Sweet food, baked food, home-cooked food. There’s something out there for everyone. So naturally the food in literature is one of the many cherries on top (sorry, couldn’t resist) opening up a world of possibilities. Because if food IRL is that good, it has to be even better without our boring non-fictional boundaries.
What are some of your childhood favorites?

Spoonful of Sugar Mary Poppins

We all hated taking medicine as a kid. We all tried to convince our parents to take it with a spoonful of sugar. We all heard the word “No.”
Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There has to something said for a single chocolate bar that can inspire an entire empire, and we have a hunch it’s not the knock-off stuff they tried to sell us at the theaters.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Alice in Wonderland

Would this tea happen to be the reason the Hatter is so Mad, and if so, is there more…?

Honey Winnie-the-Pooh

Alright what exactly is in this honey, Mr. Pooh, because you clearly can’t seem to get enough.

Green Eggs & Ham Green Eggs & Ham

Only something this disgusting-sounding can be absolutely delicious and we’re willing to take the plunge and find out ourselves.

Basically anything from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Because how amazing would it be to have your food come from the sky. It’s like pizza delivery but better.

Bonus: Turkish Delights The Chronicles of Narnia

Not necessarily entirely fictional but it still earned a spot on our list. None of us even knew as kids that they were real so it counts. Totally counts.