Last Days of Summer: Drinks, Snacks and Music

Cheryl Nuzum

Labor Day is arguably the most welcomed break during the fall semester. It always seems to come at the perfect time. By this point, the homework is free flowing, the projects are starting to pile up and the tests are forthcoming. While we love the other breaks, too (hello, Thanksgiving = food), there’s nothing quite like soaking up the last rays of summer guilt-free because you still have extra time to play catch up.
While you might be scrambling to figure out any last minute details, don’t fret too much about it. Reflector’s got your back.

Drinks at the Pool

Portable margarita pouches
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Sunset sangria
Sex on the Beach
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Raspberry Lemonade
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Shirley Temple
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Tropical Slushies
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Snacks in the Sun:
Besides a cooler full of beer and drinks, you have to make sure you have something in your Yeti to help soak up the sugar and sun. Water is our number one tip. Drink lots and lots and lots more while you’re soaking up the sun. As far as food goes, you have to make sure it’s something quick to make, not too messy, and easy to eat.
Our suggestions: Pack sandwiches, chip bags, granola bars, fruit (but beware of consuming too much sugar! Especially in the hot hot hot sun), and Goldfish crackers. Easy, simple, yummy.
And finally…..
Music in Your Ears:
While you’re on your way to your destination, wherever it may be, check out our Spotify playlist along the way. What’s a road trip without good road tunes?